Barani Institute of Management Sciences (BIMS) strives to provide an intellectual and dynamic environment for creating an exemplary institution to provide quality education. Barani Institute of Management Sciences (BIMS) is joint venture institute of Pir Mehr Ali Shah, Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi. BIMS established in 2013 with the aim of providing a high-quality education to our students in fields of Management Science, Computer Science, Social Sciences etc. The idea of establishing the Institution took root in the mind of Dr. Hafeez Ur Rahman, Director General, BIMS who is the guiding spirit behind the institution in collaboration with Mr. Yang, who is Chinese Businessman. BIMS provides excellence in teaching through various comfort zones; ranging from conductive teaching environment by providing air-conditioned class rooms, elaborate workshops and laboratories and rich library. BIMS with 36 lecture rooms, one seminar and conference room and 5 computer labs with 200 computers installed and one diverse library containing 25,000 books, international journals/ publications and business magazines. In 2013, BIMS initially offers undergraduate course �BSCS, BBA� and Graduate course �MBA�. In 2014 Arid Agriculture University granted permission to launch other undergraduate and graduate courses BSIT, BS-Economics, MCS and MSC (Mathematics, Economics & Stats). During same year BIMS officially become the part of HEC registered institutions. By the start of 2015 BIMS was on its way to become one of the best educational and research institute of Pakistan. Many educational and social events were organized by the student societies for the grooming of students. Our students participated and won many competitions organized in different universities. To meet the growing demands for the Management, Computer Science and Information Technology professionals in the country, BIMS is planning to build its new campus in the capital (Islamabad) of Pakistan. We are also working to enhance the teaching and research capacity of the current campus.